Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Why is makeup becoming so controversial? Is it really that serious?

This woman's nose has been contoured, she has on false lashes and liner that makes her eyes pop and her freckles have been concealed. It's an art that I admire! The issue is that some individuals view this as deceit. Some think that wearing this "much" makeup is simply false advertisement. Others would argue that the issue is that the average woman does not know how to apply make up with this much expertise, but if they did they would. Truth is, the moment we wake up, we all begin MAKING UP for who and how we are naturally. We brush our teeth, shave, apply lotion, spray perfume, alter our hair, use deodorant, wear spanx and wear push up bras. Wearing makeup is a woman's personal choice. How she wishes to carry herself and look throughout the day is her choice. I just don't understand the constant debate of how someone else chooses to live. Why is the woman that has natural hair concerned about the woman who prefers hers relaxed? Why can't one be happily natural and one woman be happily relaxed? Why is there a fight? Why can't one not wear makeup without voicing a negative opinion about the one who does? 

I have definitely been asked on numerous occasions "Why do you wear makeup" followed by "you don't need it".  Usually my answer is a simple "Ummmm, because I want to" but i would love to take this time out to inform you that asking someone why they wear makeup is just as rude as asking someone why they don't.......